IIIIIIttt’ssss TTTiiiimmeee!!!!

Well I’ve made my return to the blogosphere before 2015 ! You lucky lucky things..

So where have I been, what’s been occurring and do I still play online poker?!

1. Lots of places

2. Lot’s of stuff

3. Yes!

See ya next week everyone!


Hah not really.

So my last post was sent from my temporary home at Glastonbury Festival, at the time I was doing a little bankroll challenge with $11. I never got any further with it as the longer I was there, the more work there was and less time to play cards.

It was an incredible experience and I feel very fortunate to have met a lot of amazing people and very proud to have been a part of the team that puts on one of the worlds premier music festivals. All that said it was also the nail in the coffin for my potential events industry career. After years of working towards doing events full time and being convinced it was what I was meant to be doing for work, I realised it wasn’t…

It was nothing to do with the work, or the people, more what I want and need for myself right now in life. I do not want the insane life style that comes with events work, all the time away from home and living out of hotels/caravans/tents etc for months of the year. It was quite the realisation to have after really pushing myself into this industry more and more the last few years. But hey no regrets, I loved it all and met a ton of amazing people and did some pretty damn awesome stuff.

So, poker.

When I returned from Glastonbury I was ready to get back to the grind with the guys at Global Staking but unfortunately Viktor my coach had moved on to other things and I was left floundering around and not really playing much. After a chat with the guys at GS we decided to part ways with no hard feelings from either party. Then the hunt for a new coach/backer started!

After a little time thinking I remembered speaking with Tim64 in the past. Those of you that know online poker will probably know the name, he is an incredibly well respect and highly thought of player who also runs a stable and coaching operation. We had already had a brief coaching session some months ago so were slightly familiar with each other and I thought it would be a good fit, and approached him.

That’s where we are now, I am part of his stable, On the Stoop. My contract is similar to before, I have agreed to play 1,000 SnGs/month, so I only do one report rather than previous weekly ones. It’s been just over a week since I started and here’s my results so far.

Bit of a heater at the end!

Bit of a heater at the end!

I’m behind on volume at the moment as I took things slowly to start, and was only playing 4-6 tables. I’m now back to 8 or 9 and feeling good. But I have to make up a lot of games quickly!

I’m going to start adding my HANDS OF THE WEEEEK (sounds better in my head when said in a dramatic voice than it does typed..) I will refrain from using this as a platform to post bad beats and whine, because, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Hand 1 this week is, a Royal Flush! I cannot remember the last time I got one of these and got paid. To be fair the guy did butcher the hand and just donated me his chips when he could’ve just checked behind on the turn.

Hand 2  Is a rather funny one. I’m obviously never raise folding TT here, I just wasn’t expecting to get it in 3 ways!

That’s about it for now, see you all next Sunday.

GL at the tables.