Somewhere In a Field in Somerset!

Hello, and greetings from hippy central! 

This blog post is being written from my palatial caravan in a field in Somerset! 


As you guys know I had to return my stake money and cash in my bonuses the other week. As a result I didn’t think there would br anything worth reporting blog wise, but I was wrong! HAH! 

So, I ended up having 274fpps or something left on my account, so one bored evening I fired up a 235fpps Satty to the Sunday Storm for teh lulz. I won! wooooooooh! So that gave me T$11 in my account, now I originally was just gonna spazz around with this for some fun, but then thought NO! 

Let’s try and do something interesting with it and at the same time keep my brain in mode for poker so I’m not a total spazztard after having a month off. I’ve decided to do a little bankroll challenge for myself over the next few weeks. As the wifi is crap, and I only have my laptop I’ve opted to 1 or 2 table $1.50 6m turbo SnGs. Rather than my usual 10-15 tabling of $7s. 

So it’s been a big week as you can imagine, lets so how I’m getting on so far!




With a whopping 58% ROI I am a poker GOD! 😉 

My plan is to keep grinding up the $1.50s til I reach about $35 then I will start adding a $3.50 here and there and so on and so forth and see what I can do. The $1.50s as you would expect are lol bad, there’s one “reg” who has played 16k games and multitables and loses consistently. Who knows maybe he’s somehow the only SuperNova at the $1 fiddies ever and just plays 24/7 ….. no 

So yea that’s about it, I don’t have much time or the want to play that much, but this little challenge should be fun and keep my hand in. I will keep you all posted.

Have a good week at the tables! 




Just…one more thing…

Hello Hello, how the devil is everyone?

I know it’s been a while but I thought it was a good time for an update. My previous blog was aaalllll the way back in February, so when it comes to the posting of results I am going to post the graph from the date of my last blog up until today.

As you guys know (because you are all avid readers and have been waiting patiently since my last post 😉 ) the start of the year was incredibly harsh, I was down quite a few buyins very rapidly (48.5 at one point). Thankfully that has turned around in the months since then as you’ll see.

After the rough start I kept working with my coach Viktor and the guys at Global Staking who were great about it all. They made sure I kept my head straight and didn’t get phased by this swing at the start of the year and our contract. I would also like to thank Pete (Solidthought) and Ricky (straddlester) for putting up with my occasional whines! cheers guys 🙂

My results steadily improved over the coming weeks and months which was very encouraging. The main issue however even on weeks that I was crushing, seemed to be my finish distribution. I was logging far too many 2nd place finishes vs 1st places. With the 65% 1st, 35% 2nd payout structure in 6 max this gets incredibly costly incredibly quickly.

I seemed to have slipped back into a habit I used to have of getting far too complacent once the bubble finishes and HU (heads up) starts. Instead of reading players and situations I was just waiting for hands or making too thinner calls or reshoves. After focusing a few coaching session purely on HU this improved however. We did a mixture of HH review, live sweats and I even played a few HU Sngs against Viktor to really find out what was going on.

So everything has been going pretty damn well still, poker and life stuff. The reason for this impromptu update is as I’m going to be away for the next month and unable to grind, so it seemed like a good time.

So here are my results from February 2nd (date of last blog post) until today!

Games: 2391

Profit: $885.98 + $175 in VIP bonuses = $1060.98

ROI: 5.29% (pre bonuses)

Feb - July

Feb 2nd – Jun 3rd

I am extremely, extremely happy with this, I feel I’ve been playing well and really fought through the rough patch and came out a better player. Off the back of these results I have also agreed with GS that I can take some shots at $15 SnGs when I get back in July. So happy days!!!

croc gif

So that’s about it for now, given what my updates have been like so far this year I’ll probably see you all again sometime in 2015 😉

Take care everyone, good luck at the tables.