Bish Bash Bosh!

Hi guys, happy Sunday. 

Not a great deal to report this week in poker so I will keep it short. 

I played a total of 0 sngs this week, I started a new job and it was also my birthday, this combined with training 2 nights in the week didn’t leave any time for a proper grinding session. I did however play some TCOOP satellites, which I won one of for $215 these were paid for using frequent player points (FPPs) on Pokerstars, I played 6x 150 FPP tournaments and binked , so pretty good ROI! 

The great thing about winning that $ is that it got me out of makeup with my backers, so I’m back to even nice and quickly, which feels good. 

In other news, the new job is great, and life fucking rocks right now! I am slightly concerned that this year has started off far too well and it will turn into a train wreck soon, but hopefully not! I can honestly say I haven’t felt this happy with my life in years, and I would like to say thank you to everyone that’s been there for me the last few years, it’s been an odd time and I know I haven’t always made things easy! 



me doing my happy dance! 

So on to next week, now with work I obviously can’t grind everyday for hours so I am going to have to schedule sessions in evenings and weekends around Krav Maga and general life. 

Apologies for the lack of SnG based stuff this week, I will get some sessions in and have some numbers and stats and poker stuff next week! Take care everyone, have a great week and GL at the tables.