Prop Bet Madness!

Hey everyone, I hope you have all had a great week and weekend.

So this week has been the best 5 days poker I’ve had ever I think. I setup a prop bet with a few friends of mine, the bet being that I could play 1,300 SnGs in 5 day from Monday-Friday. This works out as an average of 260 games/day. Prior to this week my personal best for 1 day was 257 games and that was a one off day, not doing it for 5 continuous days. This was going to be a lot tougher than my previous bet as well where the average was 207 games/day over 8 days.

Monday, here we go!

Well it seems the run good from last week was still present! God mode was fully engaged, I haven’t had a session like this in as long as I can remember! As everyone knows I don’t check my results until the end of the week, so I had no idea how well the session had actually gone, but there seemed to be an insane amount of bubbles and HU running for the entire session. I played about 215 games 15 tabling pretty much the entire time, then went to Krav and played again for a little bit when I got home. I then stopped, had a beer and watched Game of Thrones, life is fantastic sometimes! I am also quite glad I haven’t read the books because OMG what an episode, bat shit crazy y0!

The rest of the week was ouch of the same, I put in long days and managed to play 15-18 tables the entire time! This is a personal best for me, as before I have only been playing 12 and it’s great to feel relatively comfortable with increasing the games to 15. On Wednesday I think it was (the days blurred together after the long sessions!) I made a side bet with a friend of mine that I could play 300 games in 1 day! The deal was I had to stop regging by midnight, I got incredibly close according to sharkscope I played 295!! Painfully close! Oh well it was a tiny bet for $10 so no harm done, but it was the most intense day I’ve had in my life and I can’t quite believe I played that many games. bens prop bet meme

The week was going incredibly well until Friday! I somehow made a huge error in tracking the amount of games I had played, and when I thought I had a 180 games left which wasn’t looking too bad. Upon closer inspection it became clear that I actually had 275 left at about 5pm Friday……

By this point I was incredibly tired and getting quite irritable and was also finding it hard to keep 10 or more games running. I could feel myself drifting off and losing concentration and I was also beginning to make misclicks and mistakes more frequently.


I decided to abandon the bet, this was because I really felt that I was playing awful poker and really struggling to keep going. I also wanted to get out of the house and socialise in the evening and not grind until midnight again. I had an incredible week already and really didn’t feel I needed to put myself through the extra pain on Friday night. I did feel like a quitter, I might have been able todo it if I had a rest for an hour then played late into the night, but this really wasn’t appealing at the time!

So overall I’m incredibly happy with this week, other than losing the bets! 18 tabling was immense and playing 295 games in one day was insane! I also got an awesome score on the Battle of Planets weekly leader board. I had 1st place for the entire week until Friday when someone else went a sick heater and put me into 2nd. This is still good for a $300 bonus though so I can’t complain too much.

Now the fun bit, the numbers and the money!

Games: 1,094 w00p w00p

Profit/Loss: $516.14

Coaching/Review: 0/2


So there we go, that’s 2 weeks running with decent profit which is a much needed boost, both financially and mentally as I was really struggling after the last few months of running bad and not being able to win a hand.

touchdown dance

I don’t think there will be a blog next week as I’m really busy all week and won’t get to play much, if at all. Have a great week everyone, and I will see you all soon.


Back Once Again

Hellooooooo everyone!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, the combination of being busy and not getting to play as much and also running bad hasn’t made for much interesting news poker wise. 

In a coaching session the other week I spent some time going over my stats in PT3 and checking my overall EV graph for the year. This confirmed my suspicions that I had been running below EV by quite some way. I have had run bad before but never over this large of a sample of games and over this much time (5 months now!). 

It is really starting to wear thin and I have been finding it increasingly difficult to keep a positive out look and not to let negativity seep into my mindset and games while playing. I’ve had several blowups/melt downs mid session over the last few weeks which has not helped the situation. Some of this was related to poker and some was to do with the new improved wifi in the house, which is actually worse than the previous one. The connection drops out randomly, sometimes for 5 seconds sometimes for a minute or more. I’ve had it drop with 15 tables going and by the time I’ve managed to reconnect there has only been 9 remaining, costing me $ and stressing me out in the process! There has been a few proper “omg da fuk does it all mean” moments.



Usually followed by a feeling something like this…

BOOM Headshot

BOOM Headshot

I am now in a position where I have a week before my next bit of work starts so in order to maximise the time I have available and also to kick my arse into gear again  I have decided to arrange another volume prop bet similar to the one I did at the beginning of the year. If anyone is interested in getting involved in this bet get in touch with me on twitter or Skype and I’ll fill you in on the details. I was thinking about going for Platinum again in a week, but it works out as  roughly 315 games/day for 8 days straight, which even for a prop bet to push my volume of games is still incredibly unrealistic. So I am currently trying to work out a similar but more realistic challenge for myself. In my previous bet I played 1,668 SnGs in 8 days, so I’ll be looking to beat that! So next weeks blog update should be rather interesting and you will see how I got on with the bet! 

In other news I’ve now been doing Krav Maga for over a month, and am fully in love with it. I even went to an extra session on a Sunday morning last week! This has really been helping my mindset by keeping me active and healthy and I really think that if I didn’t have this as a release during these crappy poker times I would be struggling even more to get through it. I’m also finding it good as it’s a bit of routine and structure in my life, which as you guys will know from reading this blog are things i struggle with a lot, and I really feel I benefit from having this and not being left to my own devices all the time. 

So this week I only managed to play for a day and a bit, but lets check the figures out! 

Games: 179

Coaching/Review: 0/1 

Profit/Loss: + $379.37

A site for sore eyes!

A site for sore eyes!

Well that’s a pleasant surprise, it felt like another break-even kind of week! I know it’s not about results and I shouldn’t let winning or losing affect me emotionally but I do have a lil smile on my face now after how rough the last few months have been! 🙂 

Next week is gonna be a mad one, I might make a lil post on here when I work out the prop bet details just to keep everyone up to date. 

Have a good Sunday all, and I’ll see you next week 🙂