Short and sweet this week!

Hey everyone, that time again! 

After my last post being extremely long and rambling (although hopefully interesting!) this weeks is a rather more brief affair. 

I am now writing these posts before I check my results for the week, as I don’t want my post to be influenced by how much $ I might have won or lost, rather just reflecting my thoughts and feelings for the week and trying to keep things as focused as I can on my mindset and how I feel the week has gone. 

Overall I have felt pretty damn good about my play this week, although I fear I am behind on volume again for the entire week. Last week I talked about mental muscle and the idea that poker is the same as any other competitive pursuit in that it requires training and practice to keep pushing yourself and improving your game. So this week I really tried to push myself and make my sessions longer and get more games without breaking sessions up. I made a little prop bet with a fellow grinder friend of mine, to hit 200 games in a day, with a bonus for every 50 over 200 I got. This was a rather mammoth task as previously 150ish had been my personal best for a day. I won the bet though 🙂 which was good for a bit of extra $ and great for me in terms of realising what I can do if I push through the pain barrier a bit. I made it to 210 games before the wheels felt like they were beginning to fall off and I was making mistakes, so no bonus for the extra games, but still very pleased with myself. I then took a day off playing as I felt pretty fried and had ALOT of hands to review and talk over with my coach and other players. Upon reviewing games I found a few rather large gaping leaks in my game, especially towards the end of the session, someone I know and play against was even nice to to send me some hands he had seen me play with a ‘WTF was that’ attached to them. So a big thanks to kanabal for getting in touch and pointing out some errors! 

I have just finished what felt like a really good session today, I felt like I had plugged alot of the leaks and I was thinking on a much better level when it came to in game analysis and putting people on ranges. I am now also at the point where 150 game sessions feel normal now, the next big push being 200 game sessions, without the wheels coming off like they did for that prop bet earlier in the week!

So overall a very good week I think, I’m very happy with my progress after a slow start to the year, although I am still off the pace for hitting SuperNova by August, but that can all be fixed now I’ve got my volume and session duration up. 

To put this into perspective, when I first joined Team Moshman last year I was struggling to hit 150-200 games/week, so the fact that this is now a normal day for me is a mahoosive step up in my game. 

Now time to check my results…..and post a screenshot…..drum roll please…..




Games: 549

Coaching/Review: 1/4

Profit/Loss: + $412.96

Next week is a bit of a funny one, as I’m away on a training course for alot of it, so won’t have much, if any time to play. But I will endeavour to do my best and get a post together for next Sunday. 

Thanks for stopping by guys, hope you all have a great week, and see ya soon 🙂